AG DAVIS “Audio Works” (Obsolete Units)

This tape collects two pieces by AG Davis, proprietor of Obsolete Units, a label that bills itself as “atypical recorded goods for willing participants”. I think if you check this one out you’ll be in that category. Both pieces included here were released on cdr in micro-editions (side a was an edition of 9 and side b an edition of 7).

Side A, titled “Die Antizipation des Modernen Sociopath”, is a really awesome smash-up of two people speaking german (the people might actually be speak-n-spells, even though the credits claim otherwise) and a variety of highly cinematic background compositions. Some are harsh, some are sharp, one reminds me of that sound that’s always in movie trailers when the giant monster appears, but isolated, looped, and sanded down into something much more pleasant. The people keep talking, the background sounds slowly morph into another register, and then the side ends. Slyly addictive, it’s a piece that makes you want to keep coming back, keep attempting to get a better sense of its shape. 

My roommate says Side B makes her feel like she’s in an alien pay toilet. It’s laconic noise that’s half-trying to be space-jazz but is maybe a little too cool to do that without some complications. Highly recommended.

-- Mark McCloughan