LAKE MARY "There Are Always Second Chances in the Mountains" (Planted Tapes)

Diddling is always entertaining in the fingers of the diddler, but done incorrectly, it can leave the orifice-owner (ears, etc.) bothered, blue lipped, even a little sore. Sadly, Lake Mary didn't know how to touch me.

There's SLC field recorded birdsong diddling, acoustic guitar diddling, even a banjo gets diddled. I might as well be in a white noise orgy conducted by a virgin who still believes in the power of saying "I love you" and/or the power of the post-rock medleys at the end of Danny Boyle movies.

Give me a classic rub and tug by a beardo who's had one too many bad trips. 'Cause if you're going to have an existential crisis looking into a foaming abyss, the hole's gotta be deeper than six inches.

Beautiful packaging. Handmade cedar coffin with risograph printed art insert, insterted.

--Mylanta Stamz