EXTREMOPHILE (lite) “Music Noise Art” (Kingtone)

Not to be confused by the 666 death metal bands with the same name, this Extremophile is an improvisational group from New York that straddles the line between quirky performance art and spazzy free jazz. The unnamed tracks (they're actually numbered, albeit randomly) sound sorta like a woman having a nervous breakdown while a house pet stomps all over a bunch of musical instruments scattered on the floor. You know what that is? That's fuckin' ART, Jack. It's as if the universe decided somebody had to be the exact opposite of, say, Motley Crue. Just for balance. And so this tape was created. The insert card is handwritten, the tape is hand-decorated, it comes housed in sleeve of printed plastic. It definitely does not kick out the jams, but it's a fun, weird, creative project nonetheless. And if you like the sound of a guy tunelessly scraping his bow on a stand-up bass, holly smokes you're in for a good time.

- Ken McIntyre