SUB LIQUID “Beneath Your Reflection” C42 (Rotifer)

I’m standing in the dark on an expanse of marble floor, cutting paper snowflakes in slow motion.  I’m crying soundlessly, my makeup is running slightly, but it only makes me look sexier.  A red ant is crawling up my neck and as I watch it in the mirror I wonder: is it a real ant or a robot ant?  It gets to my cheek and I squash it with my finger and its flesh smears into a perfect blush and I flash a sparkling mouth. 

Sub Liquid is immaculate.  Pristine.  Innocuous.  The soundtrack to an inevitable erotic design.  A sculpted runway model, shaved, perfumed, choreographed.  It has a vibe.  The tape is impeccably made, if its individual design components are just regular ok.  Rotifer Cassettes has a lot of great-looking artifacts in the online discography.

--Kevin Oliver