NOSE "The Day I Became A Planet" (Trash)

Last month I saw the Yeah Yeah Yeahs play a corporate event. My date and I watched a man attempt to Shazam the band as they performed the, "They Don't Love You Like I Love You" song.  It gave me the idea to keep Shazam on during Nose's tape; it is amazing. You should try it, dear reader.

Highlights are the nasally, heavily affected mod vox spewing Hawkwind-like lyrics and the simple, timekeeping drumming. A compliment if there ever was one, this is not a drummer to lose. Even if the drummer can stand to lose some cymbals.

The cassette's initial opening minutes are the hoover. Stomach in need of Alka-Seltzer synths squelch and bleat, introducing Nose's big hit "The Day I Became a Planet." So much fun! Whatever shitty town Nose is from (Cookeville,TN), they're clearly the most fun band to see at the VFW hall with a down-to-earth-visible-panty-line cutie.

Eventually, unfortunately, on side 2 they let the Led out. Spin Doctors-esque geetar strumming and classic rawk posturing damage the gnarly over-drugged and over-the-small-town-vibe this band otherwise achieves. According to Shazam.

--Mylanta Stamz