REZZETT “Zootie” (The Trilogy Tapes)

Rezzett are an experimental, electronic duo from London. Their identity remains unrevealed, but rest assure under the Trilogy Tapes catalogue which are known to have superb releases from the underground London, electronic scene.

While electronic music is known to have clean production (for the most part), Rezzett walk away from that by displaying us tracks with unresolved endings and songs that resonate on the more lo-fi or muddy sounds. Though the songs are essentially built from traditional electronic or early techno, it feels as if they are formed organically combined with raw intensity. As a result of textured synths that lay out a woozy atmosphere, you can expect to undergo an experience equivalent to taking multiple sedatives.
Their works are best notable in the subterranean, UK music and fashion sphere. Brands like Cav Empt or Palace Skateboards have used their music to have alongside the clothing that clashes together nicely.



-- Jesus Perez