“lol cats” C30
(Antiquated Future)

Corespondents may hail from Seattle, but if I had to contract outside area help to provide the soundtrack for Portland documentaries on the local bar/music scene (especially the Laurelthirst!), I’d definitely choose these guys. Steady, mid-tempo, energetic, atmospheric; these mysterious slightly-psych/surf/rockabilly melders will keep a forehead slowly waving while the chin wags away in the direction of a nearby friend’s ear between salty pretzel bites. Sometimes, a slow, sparse, crooning horn section lends a lazy, lounge-y feel, taking the focus off guitar licks and leadership, giving way to a more dynamic pass-the-focal-point/baton between participants; not just golden-delicious reverb/delay-drenched guitar, but steady bass, drums, occasional lapsteel, and brass, all politely but oh, no, never demanding your attention.


- - Jacob An Kittenplan