THE GLASS PATH "Driving Music"
(Drugged Conscience Records)

M. CONZETT has speckled this lame earth with about 6 tapes since 2011 as the GLASS PATH, each a mind-tilting magnetic sculpture of sound. His latest release on DRUGGED CONSCIENCE contains works of minimal, yet stunning tape work. The sources of the sounds shaped are unaccountable, to say the least, and one can't help but wonder what plane of existence you're eavesdropping upon. The listener is pushed to listen deeply to inquire as to whats happening around them, what's wrong. You can stare forever, but you'll never figure it out. I find the title of this tape to be slightly malicious. To drive under the influence of this tape may just send you gleefully off an overpass. A highly recommended tape for uneasy sleep with dreams of living burial and paralysis.

--Dan Dlugosielski