DADDY ISSUES “Double Loser” (Negative Fun Records/Egghunt Records)

This first EP from Greensboro NC’s Daddy Issues can be summed up in just one word, “fun.”  Recorded and mixed by Kris Hilbert at Legitimate Business, "Double Loser" has some of the tastiest surf rock songs you will ever hear.  Lush vocals with a Phil Spector vibe, jangly guitars and a tight rhythm section pair fantastically with catchy, risque lyrics.  Vocals range from ethereal Mazzy Star influenced sweetness on ”Lethal Dose” (which also features a particularly tasty burbling bass line), to raucous sixties girl group wails on ”So Hard.”  A multi-decade groove that embraces the essence of being a Teenager with a capital ”T" makes Daddy Issues a band to look out for.  If you like fun surf pop that begs to be cranked, check them out. 

--Jeremiah Paddock