“Service Animal” C45
(Physics Engine)

If my heart, mind, and soul weren’t already blackened by the academic noise-worship I’ve been obsessed with over the last few years, this here guy would make me feel F-E-E-L-I-N-G-S & shit, with all his dead serious weaving of humor, sentimentality, conversational snippets, minimal beats poetry & laid back instrumental jams that at times recall the mellowest Shipping News tracks, but often explore lazier/jazzier Sunday afternoon memoryscapes. This American Life could probably do well to pay this guy to provide the sonic backdrop for about a million more shows to come. Writing a memoir and having a hard time digging up those saccharine vignettes? Here’s some sense-stimuli that oughta dust off the ol’ dendrites! Whenever full on songs make an appearance, sincerity is sung such that jaded eyes might roll like hamster wheels, which is a nice break from the ubiquitous sarcasm of life portrayed in this ‘information age’, at least for me, with my blackened heart, mind, and soul, which are now slightly softer, if not simply decomposing at an accelerated pace.


- - Jacob An Kittenplan