“Mata Hari b/w Colours” C09
(Solid 7 Records)

Trapper Keepers. Armpit checks for quantifiable kinky-hair growth. Unsolicited recommendations for ‘how to finger a girl’ by that kid who draws Grateful Dead logos on all his class books with the dilated eyes. MTV way before any other numbers were involved. Embarrassing body functions without any concept of pattern recognition. Grunge and grunge-metal;blues music with all the darker hues commercially replaced by A-N-G-S-T.

I wouldn’t be even slightly surprised if this limited-run, promo cassette from the UK fetches several hundred dollars in the next decade. I know history repeats itself. I’m still putting this Candlebox/Silverchair throwback in the local “BerkeleyFreePublicLibrary” kiosk down the street. Not my thing, but all the more power to whoever keeps it and couch-dives themselves into a Mountain Dew can pyramid.


- - Jacob An Kittenplan