FANTASIEROCK “Fantasierock” (Insufferable Sound)

Hot on the heels of the Insufferable Sounds One compilation, the Rock of Fantasie come correct with a little bit of “look at that girl with the blasé suit on” and a lot of “Come on Y’all” at the brittle break beat bowling alley. These dudes bring a whole lot of Fisher Price fidelity, 1990s hero ballad reconstruction surgery, and fine teak woodwork for all of your household storage needs.

Casios get a make-over as sitars, or it’s just a sweet preset. This is the new Dodecahedron City DJs mixtape, please advise. Sitting on the passenger side, finding a rubber chicken in the glove department, trying to holler at me.

Ever been to the Prince of Persia Mall? Raise your charisma, ask a gentlewoman for directions when you get lost after circling around the Rocky statue four times, be brave. She wears tangerine dream lipstick but speaks with a sapphire tongue. Basically, you take Throckmorton all the way to the end, take a right onto Smithers, then the fourth right onto Wellington, keep going about 568 feet, when you see the rundown coffee shop called Grounded for Life, take that left, that’s L’Avenue D’Fantasie Roque Fantastique. Don’t worry if you dent the Citroen, it’s what we use to store oranges and lemons. Fancy a marmalade tart?

Get ready for the ultimate four part harmony, Frogs fans. It’s a record to behold.

--Adam Padavano