C23 (Unknown Tongue)

There are a lot of ideas smushed onto this short tape by Tobias Brügge (tenor sax) and Matthew Grigg (guitar, amp). These guys crackle and sputter like the chrome globes on a Van de Graaff generator, with a blue bolt connecting their static-charged heads. You could call this 'free' music -- it sounds definitely probably improvised -- but there exists between these two wiz-lords enough cryptesthesia to crank up the G-force needed to keep your nephew's throw-up plastered to the Gravitron wall. Smeary guitar from Grigg dribbles and puddles beneath Brügge's hoarse, bebop-glazed fits of saxery. Sometimes they stand muttering at opposite walls, picking at the faded wallpaper. Elsewhere, horn aligns contra to a squall of feedback, carving little steps up a soapstone wall and underscoring the volition with which these two players make their sticky little choices.

Connoisseurs of unsettling hues extruded from limited pallettes will no doubt find, in this tape, a boîte à couleurs to delight and confound the senses. :) :) :)

-- Francis Carr Jr.