NEXT OF KIN “Horrorphonic” (Beamhole)

Beat-heavy instrumental music from Denmark, with audio clips of old movies.  I had a low expectation on this one, but it’s alright.  There’s a hilarious clip of Bela Lugosi from Glen or Glenda ranting about a big green dragon.  Nice.  Not sure why this album was cobbled from a ten-year career, it sounds pretty modest.  It starts off really good with a monster-in-the-woods narration, and an exciting beat drops.  I thought, “oh cool, musical theater.”  And with a name like “Horrorphonic,” I guess that’s what they’re going for.  But that was the best bit, and it mostly comes off as normal-sounding rap production with a few horror movie soundbytes instead of rapping.  Pretty straight-forward.  Sure! 

--Kevin Oliver