EIDETIC SEEING "Drink the Sun" (ESR)

I just returned from a tour that involved driving thru Iowa and Illinois several times, so I was looking for a little bit of New York flavor today. There's a tape and record shop a couple blocks from my place, it's about the size of a walk-in closet and manages to keep it stocked with interesting stuff. While pulling out the local cassettes a 20-something came in off the street shouting "COLLECT THE FLIERS AND WATCH THE TAPES" he left Vinyl Fantasy immediately to spread the good word to the streets.

Local flavor accomplished.

Eidetic Seeing stood out to me with it's grayscale cover. I figured it would be some heavy tones, perhaps some industrial drone or doom. I popped it into my deck, and was hit with the sizzling grind of a fuzz guitar that doesn't stop for the duration of the album. Drink the Sun manages to lay down blankets of mellow grind in conjunction with the aggressive oscillations- the melodic strength of the guitar is what makes this album stand out from the pack of Sabbath-acolytes. 

The last minute of Side A- on 'Primeribneon/Waves and Radiation' is the album's strongest point, everything sprawls into a feedback loop, which is then twisted around with some electrical acrobatics into a coherent melody. Cool stuff.

There are vocals for about 2 minutes out of the entire run time, and they're always spaced out thru a small stack of echo and delay. They compliment the overall aesthetic and get things to where they need to be.

If you're a doom/stoner/psych rock kinda person then this album will make all the sounds you know and love, and throws a couple of new tones into your speakers.

-- Scott Murphy