“Allison” C20
(Found Tapes)

and I quote Faux Noose here when I don’t say “the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect a different result!” and I say to myself, “there is no such thing as doing the ‘Same Thing’ over and over, at all!”

you take a guitar riff. You, or “Tony Risotto”, and, yes, you play it over and over again (well, you employ a loop pedal if you’re poor) and, really, the listener’s brain is ever changing, so, like,  with each passing thought, the riff is, like, colored with the listerener’s preoccupation, right? So, like, there’s that; and, like, so, you add another repetition on top (hooray technology!?), which continues to facilitate further outside meditations, which than can again get disrupted by other newly employed guitarlines.

Yes, this tape is just guitarlines. Riffs become textures become mantras become ambiance. Highs and lows are, themselves, primordial drumbeats for some, distractions for others. I want to run this into a mixer and play it at halftime, with ten times the delay. I’m fairly certain it’d come out exactly like the kind of stuff I, myself, gravitate towards. Aka, it inspires me to further explore my own compositional relationships, which makes me goddamn appreciative. May it inspire you, too!


- - Jacob An Kittenplan