“The Book of Truff” (Stronj Flow)

This is a dense & intriguing album.  Profound.  The singer exudes total ownership of the material, which moves through diverse modes and moods.  Soulful and  intellectual.  Impressive.  Psychedelic singer-songwriter blitzes, some quite long, everything feeling free & easy, open & wandering.  A real treasure trove, there’s a lot of lyrics that I get in glimpses & glimmers.  The package design is cared-for, classic.  There’s so much to unpack.  As a beginning, it barrels into a psychedelic assault of rollicking drums, full-tilt beat-poet gush wallowage, and guitar squall, then a pair of woodwinds blow alongside the rumblings of low-frequency noise.  There’s theater, camp, pathos, shifts & movements.  All art, all freaks.  I bet if I had a better appreciation for Frank Zappa I’d be better at describing this album.  Inspiring. 

--Kevin Oliver