PC WORSHIP "Dead Rust" (Dull Tools)

Have you ever been to a party that was just a little too fringe for you? Like, at first it feels like you're just at the after party of an art opening in a suburb north of town you've never been to before. All of a sudden, some guy in a motorcycle jacket that says "Reapers" on the back asks if you know anywhere around here where you can score Meth. All of a sudden, you begin to think maybe this party isn't your scene. But you're too far in. Enigmatically out of the marijuana haze an exotic looking man wearing some fluorescent ceremonial seance robe offers you a thick, purple liquid contained inside a Dunkin Donuts foam cup. You look inside the cup and it bubbles up like lava or black bean juice on a stove. You have no idea what it is but the wizardly man in the green smog insists you try it. Being polite, you tell him you stick to dope, but he's not taking no for an answer. All of a sudden the room you're in feels very compact. As you feel claustrophobic anxiety, you slowly realize the beginnings of a mosh pit is forming around you. Angry young pink skinned punks with yellow mohawks and beer bellies are circling you like fat vultures. The wizard is now starring at you intensely, your body is now in his hypnotic control. Through his mental subversion of your movement, you drink the purple liquid. Reality begins to slip away ... who are these steel towed, skin tight jeaned, nose to ear piercing clad crusties? Then you realize this after party is a concert... PC Worship comes on stage and the trip begins ...

PC Worship is a serious group of young musicians pushing the boundaries of sleazetacular noise rock. This band does not front at all. This is some real shit.

Holy Moly, picking up this tape for a Cassette Gods review is somewhat akin to winning pretty big on a scratch ticket. Not a life changing amount of winnings on a scratch ticket, you know, I haven't gone all Scientology level devotion to PC Worship now that I've listened to this, but I do feel like listening to Dead Rust feels like being up twenty bucks.

This band is gnarly in the truest sense of the word. Their musical influences spiral through growing chord structures in a fibonacci sequence; like a blooming fern that wobbles to and fro according to where sunlight hits it next. It isn't break neck speed, it's stoned out of its mind and in love with powerful and heavy tom tom/snare smacking. It feels to progress organically, like some type of ESP jam session, but in reality these songs are really composed. Each part is pretty simple, but in sequence with one another, they become unpredictable and distinct. Guitars hauntingly linger with minimal solo chords that sound like medieval broken church bells. It can even jump into Doors territory with fuzz guitar and west coast organ blowout and sexy, sexy, reverberated and pained vocals (Kurt Cobain would approve). Primitive and drugged out noise rock that is operatic in its song structure. Mollie is somewhere in this mix, I know it, that or some creepy purple codeine in a styrofoam cup. These songs have movements that sweep through various genres, from mid-eighties glory Sonic Youth guitar detuning ecstatic arm flairs to Tibetan monk ambient vocal harmonies accompanied by jerry rigged cassette loops and carefully warped microphone feedback.

Fuck yeah, PC worship. Nihilism never sounded so sweet. If you haven't dropped out and tuned in yet, AKA you need a little convincing, listen to this brain melter ... it will not let you down.

- - Jack Turnbull

ORDER: http://dulltools.bigcartel.com/product/pc-worship-dead-rust-cs

STREAM recent PC Worship LP: https://dulltools.bandcamp.com/album/social-rust