NIGHT COURT “Night Court” (Bored Tapes)

I used to watch Night Court when I was a kid. We all did, didn’t we? Remember that one episode when the indie rock band was all like, "you can't prosecute us for naming our band after your stupid night court, you fascists!" It was one of my favorites. Mel Torme was the special guest star. Harry Anderson learned a lesson. John Larroquette and Markie Post hooked up. Bull watched suspiciously, but didn't understand. Charles Robinson was officially named a national treasure. And then the band Night Court and Torme played out the episode, over the credits. It was magical.

It also only happened in my head.

Whatever. What I do know is that sometimes, rock and roll tapes like this just get under your skin and make you itch to get outside on your bike or skateboard and just take over the whole town. I was a teenager once, I know what it’s like being hopped up on soda and candy and in need of an outlet, creative, destructive, or otherwise. Night Court (the band, now, not the show) tap into that and make me want to be a kid again. Please just let me be a kid again, I don’t want to be dragged into middle age!

Enough of that negativity! You gotta rock this sucker, seven tunes by Meggie, Joe, and Jordan (and the last two are NOT remnants from NKOTB masquerading as indie kids). Same tracks on each side, so play it back to back to back to back, etc., and get kicked in the butt every time. Want a sound? Think Ex Hex and Swirlies scrapping, but with a little extra hardcore thrown in on tunes like “American Bitch.” Spending their wild youthful days in the glittering world of salons my ass.

Why does it say “This tape sucks” on their bandcamp? It doesn’t. At all.

--Ryan Masteller