???? “??1” (Kerchow Records)

The Kerchow label is a small cassette only label out of chino hills. I have had the pleasure of having have them writ for some time now, and sending various expenditures my way. They always catch me eyes, but I have no time to write, and thus like most hard working men I cant divert my exercise routine to typing on computer, as much as I should, and instead  - let you all sit listless.

Though - - - this new one. Lets call it “mystery tape number one” – really grabbed me. It’s a short jaunt, and it eclipses everything I kinda love about music. Its abstract, obscure, semi-poetic, grabbing and strangling, head scratching, and is above all – mysterious. ??????

It’s a sorta collage of pre-recorded dump (I think) All mixed in a haze, but making a conformed statement. I have done my time in sound collage myself, and I always enjoyed doing something in a similar vein. In where it just grasps the hint of melody or structure, while melding all these obtuse parts together. At times its really just about repetition, and simple and maybe not messed with too much.

Its confounding…cause its really good. So yas should go get it. Its probly pocket change anyway.

--- c. fischer