“You’re Still In It” C36
(Constellation Tatsu)

Constellation Tatsu has a knack for releasing brilliant works by young, Japanese, ambient-drone sound sculptors (see: Hakobune & Celer), and Chihei Hatakeyama fits the bill, 110%.

What strikes me most about this microtonal soundbath is my own subjective relationship with it -the content is dictated by mood- and I’ve perceived each side in so many different ways that I’m not sure where I stand on the schizophrenic-spectrum anymore. Maybe I can blame it on the tape? Let me plead my case!

At first, I felt bathed in droning, layered sunshine, perfect-temp breezes, ants respectfully tickling my toes, but never ascending past the ankle. Days later, I was trapped in a spiteful-god-directed, single ray of condemnation, trapped in time, Sisyphus waking with stretched hand to wrap knuckles against that goddamned pebble of doom. Yet, day after that, a calm, Equinoxious ambiguity playfully flirted with paranoia more than I’d meta-prefer to. The perceptions continue to evolve, consonance and dissonance cross-dressing into omniscient oblivion.

Another big plus, when turned up, is how frequency amplification varies greatly, depending on my position to the room/speakers. Since realizing this, I’ve longed for the capability to self-decapitate so that I might sway my head about the cabin and drink this wild ride up from yet another myriad of possibilities. Seems I’ve been living in Berkeley far too long.


- - Jacob An Kittenplan