“Strangers Here” C50 (Saw Music)

I listened to this tape while sipping on a glass of apple juice, watching the sun rise before heading out to get to class — and oh my Lord, this is an acoustic album worthy of a listen. Scott Wainwright is, without a doubt, an exceptionally skilled musician.

I was pretty wary of listening to the tape when all I’d seen was the cover, just because it looked so country-esque, and goodness knows how much I hate country music. But my oh my, was I disillusioned. Country music? Hell no. This is a mellifluous concoction of newborn daylight, autumn airs, and a single elegantly rustic guitar.

Every track is a similarly enlightening experience. Can you hear the rusty leaves crackle under your feet on cold, parched pavement? Does the brisk breeze blowing back your scarf and hair feel as good as it sounds? Will the warmth of a new sun dawning on your face and on your soul bring excitement and joy or melancholy and tears to your eyes?

—M. Syed