“Cosmic Winds” C50
(Constellation Tatsu)

No, I respectfully disagree! I mean, yes, “Cosmic Winds” is, sure as shit, a shoe-in for almost any album title on the Constellation Tatsu roster (CT, a stalwart bastion of ambient/experimental/drone/spirituamal guidance magnetized), this new one by Thousand Foot Whale Claw (Holodeck Records!) evokes much more the imagery of the open ocean and its many moody leagues than our majestic/mysterious outer space. Now, far be it from me to deny the parallels between pissy, dolphin pods and runaway asteroid gangs, magnetic wavy-gravy and the subtle tug of a steamliner wake’s shadow, no, of course not! But, dhamn…the density here!

The thesis of this one’s definitely multiverse’d, a giddy life within life, just teeming in every droplet, sososo many independent variables flowing, with their graceful swirls exquisitely (digitally) tracked, giving us a new, deeper, deep sea vision quest eachandeverysingle time. Treated electric guitar play trades off duties, at times providing explorative texture, at others looping a playful percussive series of energetic, lurching loops. Lead synth chords swell while other foamy arpeggiations color the spray from above. Deep bass takes turns rubbing the tectonic periphery and plodding along, mantra-like, but on edge…somehow, like that echo’d whisper during tense moments of Friday the 13th movies. Alas, I’ve only scratched the surface…


- - Jacob An Kittenplan