Saturday, April 16, 2016

split C40 (Phage Tapes)

I always try to write longer reviews.

I wrote a pretty lengthy review on the horrific album that was Holy Hills, and I really don’t want to write it all over again, so let me just summarize:

This tape is a tragedy. Actuary doesn’t do much more than waste your time. Demonologists doesn’t make music, it makes shit.

I tried to like this. Hand to God, I did. I look for the best in everything… and I promise I couldn’t find it here. This tape may well be the most unemployable tape I own.

Demonologists' Bandcamp

Actuary's SoundCloud

Buy the tape here (but I don't recommend it...)

-- M. Syed

The opinions of our writers do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Cassettte Gods on the whole. We are very democratic regarding both who gets reviewed and who writes the reviews, but sometimes your blackened noise is not going to end up in the hands of a reviewer with experience in these matters. I say, keep going for it.


  1. honestly, this review makes the writer and blog look a hell of a lot worse than the bands on the split. The writer did nothing more than shit all over these bands for simply playing the genres they play. Personally, I know nothing about polka. So naturally I just wouldn't review a polka album. I wouldn't rate it poorly for sounding like polka. It is quite apparent that this closed-minded reviewer knows nothing about a huge spectrum of music. I am not in either band, nor had I heard of either before now, but knowing that they pissed this idiot off makes me a fan.

    For anyone actually in the know about black metal, I would say that the tape is pretty good. Definitely ffo T.O.M.B., panther modern, leviathan, moevot, early darkthrone, etc.

    Cassttegods- find people with actually musical knowledge to write your reviews. That way you can avoid "oh no this sounds icky! Waahhh! He is screaming!"

    1. I hear you - reviews like this are really disappointing. You make a good point too - I wouldn't review a polka album myself! But I have been asked to review albums that I personally don't like, and I get that Mansoor has trouble wrapping his mind around them. Perhaps acknowledging that, doing a slight bit of research, and pointing readers in a direction where they CAN get a better sense of the worth of the music from someone more literate in the scene is the way to go. That's what I try to do anyway.

      Thanks too for your quick "FFO" - you've actually made me want to check this out! (I've become a black metal fan over the past few years, and I've written about a handful of releases, but I admit I'm not the best to tackle the genre on a day-to-day basis.)

      One last thing I want to mention - Cassette Gods operates randomly. Meaning that cassettes are somewhat randomly sent to reviewers, so it's a crapshoot as to who gets what. But again, this gets back to my earlier point that reviewers should probably acknowledge they don't like what they don't like, but then point readers in a different direction. Some here do that well. I try to.

      I appreciate your note - I read this as constructive criticism and I'll take it to heart in my own writing. Cheers!

  2. This tape rules. Thanks for the inane review. Probably wouldn't haven't found out about this otherwise. Hopefully you get sent nouveau New Age solo modular synth "journey" you want for your next review.

  3. It really is tragic. CG usually have some pretty informed writers ......regardless of their opinions. This isn't even a review. It's a long, obviously spiteful opinion. I'm surprised they don't have editors or something to at lest glance at this stuff to make sure their articles are at somewhere near thr shores academia......but then again, DIY I'm sure is limiting.