HEAVY BABY SEA SLUGS “1950DA” (self-released)

Crawling out of the depths of primordial Earth, the ancient consciousness lumbers toward its destiny. But it’s too early. There’s no other life but itself, and its path to wreaking destruction takes it only across the unformed firmament. Nothing lives, nothing can die, so it crushes mountains and leaves deep fissures in its wake from which magma spurts forth into the atmosphere. It turns its power on the new planet and forms it with its attention. The Earth begins to recognize itself.

In the depths of the boiling sea, which separates the firmament, Heavy Baby Sea Slugs watch, terrified, the passage of the ancient consciousness, their lives unnoticed – for the moment. They inscribe its movements and leave a record of its progress across the planet for future inhabitants of the Earth. Their dread is palpable in this record, their only hope that the entity will abscond before life springs forth.

And hey, it does!

--Ryan Masteller