RSS B0YS “B0DY FL0W” (Speaker Footage)

Who are RSS B0YS? Shut up, it doesn’t matter! If you need to know more than that there are two of them and that they’re Polish, you’re not paying attention to the right things. It’s the music, man, not the people behind the music. Lock the questions away in your mind and never ask them again. You might find you don’t like the answers anyway.

What I can tell you is this: RSS B0YS don’t eff around. They operate in some post−Wax Trax! universe where Chicago industrial evolved into black hole−massive techno, where bass and beats collide at an atomic level with chords and melodies that will snap your neck with the amount of involuntary double takes you’re liable to be inflicted with. They blast you at times with breakneck passages (see the diabolical and diabolically catchy “R00N 0N”), and at others the tunes are smooth as glass, or the “chillax” setting of your iTunes visualizer (see the diabolically catchy “BYRD R00N”). But the best part about B0DY FL0W is that the entire thing acts like a wonderful mixtape primer of everything that’s great about electronic music. It fulfills the promise of its title in that it FL0Ws perfectly from one track to the next, from one minute to the next.

By the time the ten-minute “N00R” winds down, you should be exhausted, because there’s just so much going on here. Speaker Footage has found their poster children, their label mascots in this duo. But what is it with all the zeroes? Is it an homage to binary coding, and as such an homage to the homage of the name “RSS B0YS,” serving as a reminder of RSS feed content delivery? Maybe we’ll never know. You know why? Because we should never, ever, ask questions about it! Just let it ride and vibe out.

--Ryan Masteller