“Making the Right Ear Jealous”

I’m not sure what took me off guard more; that sound4sound are a hardcore band, that they have hardcore bands in Miami, or that I found myself kind of liking them. This tape might end up surprising people for all the aforementioned reasons.

I guess no one told these guys that hardcore bands aren’t supposed to use bold green font on their j-card or bright orange cassettes if they wanted to appear ‘punk’. Maybe they want to create a new punk aesthetic based around color schemes which could trigger epileptics.

Looks aside, the music is pretty standard hardcore. “Making the Right Ear Jealous” is a compilation of the band’s “Rat Bastard” EP, 2 demos, and an unreleased track. I felt like I got a good overview from this. Nothing stood out but they weren’t bad either. If you arbitrarily need to pick a hardcore band to listen to and landed on sound4sound as your choice, you wouldn’t be disappointed. Being a middle of the road band is a lot better than being a crappy band. With the relentless vocals delivered by Adel Souto and solid guitar work from Bryan Elliot I’ll keep an eye open if I see any future releases.  Speaking of eyes, make sure to lower the brightness on your screen before clicking the link below to stream or buy.

--Roy Blumenfeld