"Dial Forever" C37
(Other Electricities)

Fantastic recipe for Bacanal Intruder:

-Strip THE BOOKS of all vocal samples (choose from the Lemon of Pink album) to bring out rich string-work and effects pedal-tweeked guitar ambiance.

-Drain DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE of all whininess and falsetto (Choose from We Have the Facts and We’re Voting Yes) to focus on simple guitar picking patterns and minimal song scaffolding.

-Blend them together with the jangly, most spacey, patiently meditative guitar tones and keyboards of JIMMY EAT WORLD (Clarity)

-Roll out onto a baking sheet and beat until all rock drumming is replaced with subtle, gently noisy drum programming, leaning toward latin-pop vibes or outright ambient texture.

-Sprinkle on SHARKS KEEP MOVING angular, snaking bass lines here & there for flavor.

Bake for 37 minutes. Serve lukewarm & snack on throughout the day. Best after the third day, once fermentation sets in.

Definitely one of the best “indie” albums I’ve heard in a while. More please!

-- Jacob An Kittenplan