"Amorphous Tabernacle of Mildew" C23
(Pretty All Right)

This tape is both fucking silly AND some serious fun. Good party music. Irreverent. Quirky. Lo-Fi, noisy, pop-centric, ugly; but, like, GOOD ugly. BRAINIAC ugly. WEEN ugly; or, more currently, Man Man ugly. Raw. Good funk/island vibes. Just outside of that standard, western norm. Harmonically messy, rhythmically-concise riffs. Hard hitting. Swagger-inducing.

Sometimes, I wonder when all the formulaic pop-bullshit that’s piped into our earholes every single time we venture out into public will finally force a widespread enough backlash that these kinds of honest, playful, explorative jams will get the appreciation they deserve. In due time, I guess. If it has to get worse before it gets better, I’m hoping we’re at the apex.

Thanks for keeping it reel, Moody Marlin.

-- Jacob An Kittenplan