"Seeds" C23
(Sass Bologna)

Well, sheeyit. Looks like this ol’ SOB got BOTH SB tapes in hir reviews package! Woot Woot!

Now, come clean, here, I gotta admit, straight out; hey, I ain’t no Hop-Hip carnyvowre…but…

Talib Kweli & DJ Hi-Tek were the backbone for Cincinnati’s MOOD, which have, for a solid two decades now been my all time favorite team, and Acid Reign’s DIVERSITY will forever surpass all my expectations, when it comes to all-encompassing-incorporation…

So I have my own weird standards, mmmkay?

But this

Is damned fine! Variable genres mastered by (forgive the further name droppings of) Atmosphere and Jurassic 5 are laid out flat for your own rap practice and/or slide-guitar accompaniment (if you’re as bad at even pretending to have the rapid fire diction that it takes to actually pronounce the themes merited by these solid jams) herein.

Remember: there are no boring art pieces, just boring recipients. Sounds good? Have (y)ourselves a listen?

-- Jacob An Kittenplan