“Uniform Groove with a Chisel” C40
(OJC Recordings)

No data cannot incriminate you. Where no information lives, there nothing can learn anything about anybody. Turn off your smartphone, your computer, your television, anything that connects you to the outside world. Can you turn off your brain? That’s a trickier proposition.

Static. Static created to carry no data can divert unwanted attention. Fill a space with enough sound, enough noise, and even the tiniest shred of knowable information can be obscured, made to seem nonexistent. Look around – your phone’s tapped, your home’s bugged, your car is probably programmed to automatically drive you to the nearest police station at the slightest slip-up.

No data meet No Data, your absolute answer, the popular life-encryption system used worldwide. Totally analog, No Data emanates from a single cassette player, overwhelming every ancillary noise within any enclosed space by bombarding it with tonal sheets. No Data is approved by all major Deep Web counterespionage agencies.

Of course, all conspiracies will eventually coalesce into actions destined to destroy humanity. Your reprieve is temporary. No Data will, like the proverbial cockroach in the aftermath of a nuclear incident, remain in its tape player broadcasting itself to empty spaces. That is, until the batteries run out.

Ancient synths rotting in the sun. Greenhouse gases. Melting ice sheets. No data.

--Ryan Masteller