"Sick Sad World" C39
(Focus Grill)

Instrumental Indie-Jazz guitar-chop worship, a’la Sharks Keep Moving/Shipping News with some acid-tinged lead guitar wankery (think Papa M’s “Live from a Shark Cage”) pushing the envelope. Plenty of Modest Mouse string-bendiness, fret-board tapping & intermittent distortions abound. All in all, a right pleasant foray into the indie-fields of the latest pre-2Ks. I know I’m name-dropping a lot but DDAAMMNN’d if them names ain’t still worthy o’ worshippin’! & as an added textural bonus, Melt Banana-esque atonal guitar meanderings creep in from time to time, both percussive and all slide-like. The result is disorienting, engaging, & an all-around inspiring soundtrack for writing or cleaning out the garage. Crank it up!

-- Jacob An Kittenplan