LOKE WILSON "Self-titled" (Sass Bologna)

This is the real deal! Turkish dude’s been making electronic music since the ‘70s and it sounds like he’s seen no reason to change with the times. Luckily for him, with today’s retro-synth craze, his legions of vintage synthesizers, keyboards and electronic drum kits are now hip again and maybe he can retire comfortably, doing what he’s always done, which is making bad-ass synthstrumental, funky, over-the-top dance jams in honor of those who know a good time when they hear it.

Sure, part of it is that I’m three strong cups of cold-pressed coffee into my first week of summer vacation, but this truly prance-tastic…liek…I honestly got up and shook my lazy, pajama’d ass for a bit. After I finish this review, I’m going to honest-to-god-here dust the cobwebs offa my ten pound barbells, wrap a sweatband around my head and do some cardio-flirting weightlifting. So good!

Thank you, Sass Bologna, for putting this out, and thank you Loke Wilson for sticking to your funs. <3

-- Jacob An Kittenplan