"Classroom Sexxtape"
(Orange Milk Records)

Classroom Sexxtape is really one of the best albums i’ve listened to recently. Recently released on Orange Milk, it’s a nice blend of satire of the age of social media, ambient music, sample manipulation and clever arrangements. Though humorous at times, like when the opening track is interrupted by an iphone notification beep, the album is seriously enjoyable, and can quickly change from eerie synth and sample arrangements to juxtapositions of pop vocal loops on top of the ever changing electronic tracks underneath. The album is a perfect follow up to ‘I’ll try living like this’ which was a pretty defining album itself for dds.wmv.

I really can’t name any other acts that can successfully make an album that combines haunting synth tracks while other tracks sample miley cyrus. The blend of cliche top 40’s vocals and dds.wmv’s original backing tracks give parts of this album a bittersweet twisted feel that’s beautiful. On top of everything the ending 5 minute track on this album that though is different from every other track, I won’t reveal anything else about it except the ballad really seals the deal for the album once you’ve listened to ‘Classroom Sexxtape’ all the way through. I love dds.wmv and I love Orange Milk, and i’m really glad that they came together for this album.

-- Lucas Martinez