480BILLION "Songiedas" C60
(Raketenbasis Haberlandstrasse)

I’ve been told that the hallmark of an intelligent mind is to try and understand the things you hate, to objectively dissect one’s dis-affinities in hopes to attain greater consciousness. Goddamn do I hate techno.

This tape, though…it’s not techno. At least I don’t think it is. Maybe there’s some serious cognitive dissonance going on because I like 90% of this tape, and there is more than 10% metronomic ntse-ntse-ntse-ing going on.

The narrative going on in my head, while listening to this, has been that of a glow-stick-swinging party kid racing to-and-from dozens upon dozens of rooms, both physical spaces where ravermusic is blaring, but also mental states, too, perhaps coming down from one substance while beginning the ascent of another, perhaps entering the early stages of schizophrenia…it’s, liek, complicated or something. It’s engaging. It’s a weird, wild, neck-jerk, then the perfect hot tub in a pine forest. It’s…pretty great, I have to admit. If you’re into sound-collage, harsh noise, and (gulp) beat-heavy electronic music’s, strap on some headphones and carve an hour out of your day to witness this. A cursory sampling won’t do you any good.


-- Jacob An Kittenplan