"World Witness" C36
(Immigrant Breast Nest)

DJ’s “WW” asks the NYPD, “WWJD?”

Onomatopoetics aside, this tape is a progressive New Yorker’s plea to raise awareness for police accountability in light of the department’s increasing stranglehold on the social construct of “Justice”. Decrepit Jaw (ab)uses and corrupts field recordings, soundbites, and modular synthesizers in an attempt to convey what it feels like to survive state-sanctioned trauma…and still muster the gumption to communicate. It is both stomach-churningly depressing and evocative of hope…that, as human beings, maybe we can come together and constructively address the problems inherent in allotting a population with unchecked powers over others.

“All proceeds from this album will be donated to the National Police Accountability Project.”


-- Jacob An Kittenplan