"Art Amiss 15" C90
(Art Amiss Non-Profit)

About 20 years ago, I was bargain hunting in a capital-M shopping mall’s CD store. Sam Goody, maybe? I’d found Metal Blade’s Blackened 2xCD, which would introduce me to Black Metal, a genre I’d never dreamed of, as well as No Idea Records’ “Back to Donut”, of which I still, two decades later, pay a random visit.

“Art Amiss” is a non-profit that puts out compilations of aspiring Arkansan alternative/indie/hardcore bands and uses the proceeds to promote a few lucky ones.

This particular comp sounds a hell of a lot like that aforementioned No Idea comp, but replacing the proto-emo bands with slightly less whiney, slightly more surfy indierawk ones. Not a single song is unlistenable…which…for a community-minded service to put out over an hour and a half of public works…and not a damn one be outright cringe-worthy…that’s a damned feat. Hats off to you, Art Amiss! I tried to access your site, but failed. I hope you’re still doing okay!

Personal favorites were:
Neon Glittery’s psychy minimal baroque pop
Monsterheart’s noisy electro-pop
Auric, who sound like they’re trying to bridge the gap between Cave In’s earlier multidisciplinary metalcore clusterfuckery and Torche’s better mimimalism.

Have yourself a listen via the link below. Good for non-dance parties?

-- Jacob An Kittenplan