"The Book of Strange Positions"
(Northern Spy Records)

String Noise is a pair of married humans deftly shredding away on their violins, but this ain’t no study music, hoo-dawgy! At times atonally Avante-Garde, while others sounding perfectly in place as a backing band taking a solo-jam for the Violent Femmes (see the handful of homage’s throughout the album), this duo is a great reminder that you don’t need a ton of band members or effects pedals to explore every nook & cranny of a soundwave.

My personal favorite is the phasing of VF’s “Blister In the Sun” opening melody (Here titled “Violent Phase” – track 5) until it warps into a sparkling sea and sum of all its parts. Check it out via the bandcamp link below.


-- Jacob An Kittenplan