"CO" C46 (Baba Vanga)

Hell yes! Stumbling upon innovative, mind-fucking compositions like this always gives me hope for the future of music/soundsculpture. Both Somnoroase Pasarele (a duet from Romania) and Baba Vanga (label from Czech Republic) are such outsider/groundbreaking pioneers in electronic music that I’m fairly certain I’d have never heard about them, were I not given the chance to review this tape. I am so grateful for the privilege! So disorienting! So unexpected! So dynamic!

Industrial/Noise junkies, woefully rejoice, for this album is one long collection of controlled panic-attacks and migraine-flirtings, set inside the skull of every industrial factory worker ever who couldn’t quite get the fifth floor window open in time before a slew of coworkers dragged them back to their post.

Frantic industrial beats trebly convulse out of mortal fear while predominantly atonal, textural drones that only hint at a brighter chordal future beyond their suffocating command of atmosphere come crashing in, wave after unforgiving wave. Sounds miserable? It is, but blissfully so. I’d imagine this is what Alessandro Cortini and Merzbow’s collaboration set to come out on Important Records will sound like, but who the hell knows? Check this madness out with headphones and a security blanket.

Side note: SP also released a rrrrad tape on USA’s own Tymbal Tapes, both of which, label and specific album, are fanfuckingtastic!

-- Jacob An Kittenplan