"Desalniettemin / 1993 / Zeesneeuw" C19

I don’t want to ruin any surprises for you, so I’ll just say that this all-too-short-but-oh-so-sweet, solo, sonic exploration by the lone Netherlander, MW, is both starkly minimal and captivatingly multi-faceted across, all three tracks, each as its own world, tellingly dependent upon the others, in its own time. A short story unfolds and is recapped with the proficiency of all Siblings Grimm…

Side A:
Track 1: a shivering static drone is set against prominent E-bow’d guitar meanderings, WITH-and-VERSUS expertly executed pedal augmentations. A plea is made…

Track 2: a fitful feedback-nightmare…then, a lone, warp/delay’d piano plods tremulously along, stating its existential, motherly quandaries, until the previous track’s cocksure heroine comes in to assure us, “hey, we all die alone. Let’s flip the record over, alright?” The key’d answer is sincere, yet not fully thought through…

Side B:
Track 3: Subtle, heavily delay’d/loop’d guitar moods are superceded by anxious, atonal synthesizer vocalizations, letting the listener know that shit, just, did, not, go, right. This “Is-the-Queen-dead-what-would-we-ever-do-without-the-Queen?!!!” theme is expertly explored and executed within an eight and a half minute timeframe, until the finale is clinically forced in, like jam on the mouse’s nose*.

Across one third-of-an-hour, this release encapsulates the day of an unexpected panic attack and its resolve in a minimalistic, reflective way* I’ve yet to hear. I hope you can find great growth in its assurances, as well.

Please listen both with-headphones and without-schedule. <3

(* yeah, I’m well aware how no two panic attacks feel the same; I can only speak from experience)

-- Jacob An Kittenplan