NAVI - ワニ
"Urotsukidoji I" C23
(Illuminated Paths)

This is the first tape in a trilogy of Chopped & Screwed soundtracks for the uneasy. I’m not incredibly familiar with the genre, but the few times I’ve come into contact with it, I’ve felt engaged, challenged, and somewhat disoriented, all of which I appreciate as a listener who feels all too often inundated with stagnant, standard note arrangements from folx who might do us all a solid by just sitting with their creations and studying them for room to progress instead of just self-congratulatorily recording, transmitting, recording, transmitting.

Included below is another link to Navi’s second installment, put out by Luxury Sky District. I’ve never done psychedelics, myself, being batshit crazy as it is, but I’d imagine that this warped and stitched quilt of sonic realities is what it’d sound like to be lost in a foreign shopping mall while tripping maniacally.

Thanks, IP, for providing a safer adventure.

-- Jacob An Kittenplan