"Split" C42 (Orb Tapes)

On Side A, Primal Law offer up two dark-ambient narratives so ripe for interpretation, it’s hard not to feel uneasy, simply thinking about them. Bass heavy, the 20+ minutes fly by in a haze of wounded feedback sculpture, soundbite distortions, gusts of visiting looped mid-high treble textures, and sparse industrial percussion that functions solely as movement instead of beats. I can’t help feeling like the lone survivor that didn’t drink quite enough purple kool-aid, waking up two days later in a locked down bunker as the fire department breaks down the reinforced steel entrance…but that’s just one of many possible takes.

Kyklops’ Side B isn’t any cheerier, the song title, like the soundscaping, rife with macabre subtext, “We Found the Remains Behind His Shed”. Note: Not “his” remains. Not “the” shed. Note: “We Found…” and not “They”.

This lone 20+ track is reminiscent of Tecumseh’s low-end-rich drone-distortion worship, but with more accents of feedback and tremolo’d treble phasing’s to fill out the high end, leaving a hollow middle ground for your mind to color in, were you so inclined.

This tape isn’t for everyone, but if you’re in the mood for a psychological thriller, and you’re tired of looking at video footage, this is your soundtrack. Oh, & Crank Up the volume or you’ll miss out on a ton of subtleties buried below the reasonable decibel level.


-- Jacob An Kittenplan