CEREAL BANTER “Wonderful Quest” (self-released)

All those colors dripping into the sea of milk like lysergic streamers in the mist cannot portend the sheer buzzing dynamism of Cereal Banter. Then it’s my blood, the elements of the songs measured in angstroms as they electrify cells and antibodies and whatnot as I’m fully charged, fully enabled. Joseph and Nicholas are the psych-fuzz duo, filled with pop hooks, the source, generating the electricity like as they’re continually struck by lightning and zapped by atmospheric friction and whacked about by dangling downed wires. What then are we to do in the presence of such amplified power?

We are to do nothing. It’s our lot to be fried.

If we can handle it, we can be released. Cereal Banter releases us from boring rock tropes and garage clichés. Cereal Banter releases us from expectation, from reliance on routine. Cereal Banter releases us from our socks and our shoes, as we kick up whirlwinds around which water droplets form, birthing massively overwhelming thunderheads. And yet the hooks. The hooks catch us, sink into us, and keep us from losing hope. Colors are blood dripping into open ears, blood dripping into open amps. Plug in and be processed into music. “Wonderful Quest” indeed.