“Death by Misadventure” C51
(Crash Symbols)

Peaking through a relentlessly housey metronome, Mrs. Dink (aka Meagan Johnson/Degenerate Trifecta) lead-pipes in some overt-like-man-I-mean-O-M-I-N-O-U-S-for-R-E-A-L vibes that keep constantly hopscotching between a warehouse rave and a professional slaughterhouse-haunting. It’s hard not to imagine glory-days Wesley Snipes getting fucking DOWN to this while lifting weights or working on his chopper or breaking up a smoky, strobe-lit dog-fighting ring, or something equally bad-ass like that, and I’d wager to guess that Washington State’s MJ didn’t necessarily have all of this in mind, per se, but certainly had some other equally dark attitude set up, indelicately and deliberately!

This intense long-burner would pair well with an ol’ Crash Worship alum, Don Gero, and their “Wizarding" album, as both are internal-reproductive-organs-to-the-wall-intense in their sonic battery and merciless rhythmic onslaught. No shit. Listen to this well before sunset if you’re planning on winding down AT ALL*.


—Jacob An Kittenplan

*or read tomorrow’s review for the antidote…