“Fallen Flags” C54

“Fallen Flags”, Nick Keeling’s latest experiment in lo-fi piano explorations, finds him covering some compelling new ground here by hi-lighting the overtonal distortions and limitations of magnetic tape machines through a thorough inundation of Reichian repetition, phasing, and intensity*. There’s enough forced warble on “FF" to make you worry your own tape deck has the flu, so be apprised that it’s just the charm of second-hand tape decay, sit back, &…well…not “relax”, per se, but enjoy the novelty of sounds expanding within the frailty of physical media. It can be a slightly herky-jerky, disorienting ride at times, especially when played LOUD**, so don’t mix this with your morning coffee, lest you’re of remarkably strong constitution. 

RIYL: Phillip Glass, Steve Reich, La Monte Young, Lubomyr Melnyk, William Basinski

— Jacob An Kittenplan

*oh, and, like, loops and unsync’d LOOPS upon muddled loops!
**which is HIGHLY recommended, some time around noon, for best results!