“Pitted Wizard” C27

In Christopher Moore’s “Secondhand Souls”, the Golden Gate Bridge is bathed not only in ever-lasting fog, but a wispy slurry of agitated spirits who’ve been relegated to circling the rust-colored scaffolding and nets ever since having successfully shrugged off their mortal coils. 

Saint Hewitt’s “Pitted Wizard” should serve as a brilliant accompaniment to reading this novel, its own wind-battered beat-joists clanking sharply in shock, only to fade into the abyssal, heavy atmosphere of woozy, droning synth-lurches and warbly, haunting semi-melodies, swallowed whole and ingested by the night. 

Half blurry beat-tape, half fuzzy ambiance-amplifier, this half-hour ride makes repeated listens an easy habit to fall into. &Get a load of the fabulous, Windy Weber-esque paint job on this tape, too; Michigan’s Flophouse label knows how to make a good-lookin’ relic, for sure!

—Jacob An Kittenplan