“Pure Enchantment” is an understatement when you’re talking about these guys. The duo, consisting of Temple of Bon Matin percussionist Ed Wilcox and Ramble Tamble guitar hero/ex-Guardian Alien Turner Williams, spin tropical improv jams of the buzzed variety, their, ahem, humid concoctions quite conducive to lengthy listening seshes enhanced by the sticky icky. Indeed, “Humid Misterioso” is a scaled-back psych haze drifting through the jungle, its dank licks and melted percussion a red-eyed excursion beyond the reaches of the known.

Well yeah, these guys mess around. Opener “Man in the Coral Castle” is a surprise in the leadoff spot, as it covers twenty minutes like it was staking out enemy encampments all up in its area in what turns out to be inverted observations of itself. Let that blacklit wisdom hit you good and hard, and then close your eyes and open your mind as the groove makes it not matter anyway. These mid-fi astral guides get headier and headier until they explode in cacophony of riffage on the transcendental “Rain Dropping on the Magnolia Tree,” a blistering workout where the jam hits your lungs and stays there, altering your perception till the distortion magically clicks off and we tiptoe to a stop. Sure, that’s as good a spot as any to take a well-deserved break. Drink some water. Have a snack.