2 X Crudités Tapes

The French label SDZ Records has a cassette imprint called Crudités Tapes which has a couple of fine releases of the analog family. Industrial in parts, electronic blippity-boppity here and there, and warm all over, The Spectrometers album Off is a thumper of listen. The group is clearly indebted to bands like Cabaret Voltaire and Suicide, which isn't a bad thing necessarily, yet they concoct a set of pieces that combine elements of stuff we've all heard before into a satisfying new whole. The title composition frames the album in mystery static as it is also the finale, but in between is good, quality music. I'd like to seek out more works by The Spectrometers.

ILth Zongz's The demolition of a ghost is like listening to a noir-industrial soundtrack. ILth Zongz is Chicagoan Christopher ILth (Functional Blackouts, Daily Void) and the album was made with reel-to-reel collages according to the label. I'm impressed. This sounds way more digital and as each track is simply titled "Song 1-9" we as listeners are encouraged to draw our own conclusions. Both tapes add a great deal to the musical dialog of our times.

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