The Dictaphone - S/T (Tolmie Tarrapin Press)

nick williams passed this very cool tape on to me with a hunch that i'd enjoy it. and that i did. from what i gather, the dictaphone is a french band with a handful of releases on various formats. first off - i'm a sucker for pictures of satanic goat head mask wearing dudes that are holding babies… or maybe its a unicorn mask… not sure.. but i LIKE it. the different tunes vary nicely on the dark noisy psych synth punk whatever spectrum - enough so to keep the listener fully engaged and i must add that over all sound quality/production of this tape rules as well. of course a residents cover is always cool too. this tape has been out since april, 2012 on a neat label called tolmie tarrapin press (from ohio??).. who knows - maybe there are only a few copies left of this little gem so pick em up here while you still can: