XO press

i got a bunch of tapes from a label called XO press based out of kansas city with an overall dark and vile aesthetic judging from some of the music and the various album art on their bandcamp (junkies, boobs, cocks). heres what i have to say about a few of them -

robert plants dingleberry 

well… not exactly my favorite band name but the music is kinda neat and grew on me as it progressed. the jams are mostly instrumental with lots of processed (what i assume is) guitar and some blown out drum machine sounds that form messed up beats … some live drums in there as well. what i find the strongest about it are the various transitions/segues between "pieces" - very strong indeed. it's is worth checking out if you can get over the terrible band name and - hey - just to be clear, im a big fan of "oudsider noise jamz" as much as the next wierdo listening to home dubbed cassettes but i generally prefer to see it live unless its really damn special.

all blood - someone else's ocean

"this is the development of human eating habits and being buried alive" according to the insert in this fun tape of lo-fi 4 track pop jams. overall, it's not really my thing but the songs are well done and flow nicely into one another (always down for a caroliner shout out as well). these guys have 6 other releases so check em out if this is what you're into

meat mist/morse split

meat mist is a pretty cool spazzed out noise rock/no wave punk band. some really solid songs here however i have to say that this tape is a little too lo-fi for my liking - recorded live at the butcher shop (hey we have one of those in boston too!) - this music could possibly benefit from some pro-dubbing action (sorry to be a snot). Morse is band from france that i immediately like - sludgy guitar riffs, organ reminiscent of pere ubu, female/male vocal trading. however, the tape sounds like shit - get some tape head cleaning solution and a demagnetizer.. the constant warble and far-louder-than-the-music snaps and crackles are kinda painful. 

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